• Let us focus on your technology needs so that you can focus on what you do best - growing your business.

  • Provide a mobile and productive working environment for employers and employees - available anywhere at any time on any device.

  • Using cloud technologies as an enabler to drive change - we can help transform your business today!

Atarix Maximize the productivity of your workforce by providing the right tools to empower your employees to work collaboratively, anywhere at any time on any device.


We aim to align ourselves with businesses that value technology as much as we do and use technology as a tool to drive business efficiencies.

Office 365

Do you want to enable a flexible working environment that allows your employees to work from anywhere at anytime?

The Office 365 offering from Microsoft provides customers with an enterprise grade productivity platform that is highly available, resilient and provides your business with the latest suite of applications and services to enable a mobile workforce.

Application Development

We work closely with our customers on bespoke application development, formulating use cases and gathering requirements. We provide expert guidance on what is most appropriate for your needs. Our Gold partners team is experienced in many toolsets and technologies and has successfully delivered numerous projects that rely on modern technologies.

Cloud Consulting

We work with customers on their cloud enablement journey formulating strategies and designing solutions. We have extensive experience building and working across all cloud paradigms (Public, Internal Private, External Private, and Hybrid). We help customers with the transition to the cloud operating model as we look to migrate the infrastructure and applications.


Enterprise mobility is a top priority for business leaders in Australia. We work with our customers on a cloud first approach, highlighting the technology advancements that means that can work from anywhere at anytime on any device. We help our customers change how the business operate and introduce the concept of flexible working. As business interactions continue to take place out outside the traditional workspace, the need to integrate systems and provide your workforce with the tools to work effectively on the road continues to grow.

Enterprise social and collaboration

An Enterprise Social Network can unlock the brilliance within your workforce by connecting the right people with the right knowledge faster than ever before. Collaborate openly in real time across different teams, projects & locations to allow teams to adapt to change and work together more productively.

Managed services

We provide managed services to our customers and give them the reassurance and assistance they require to focus on their core business. We work with our customers on a managed services agreement that focuses on tangible business benefits by tailoring our advice and services to ensure performance and resiliency are maintained.


About us


Atarix is an Australian owned and operated IT services company specialising in Cloud solutions. We deliver efficient and secure Cloud based IT service offerings that allow companies to increase value to their business by abstracting the underlying infrastructure, and providing users with the flexibility to work from anywhere at anytime.

Our consultants are specialists in designing business solutions that allow our customers to realise their business potential by delivering scalable and redundant IT solutions leveraging Cloud services. Atarix focuses on building relationships with our customers, looking to transform business IT services to the future and become more efficient, moving away from legacy methodologies and practices.

We understand that each customer is different and take the time to understand our clients and their business to provide the most cost effective secure solutions available. Our aim is to support and help businesses work better by:

  • Reducing IT costs and improve general business overheads
  • Improving IT flexibility and general application performance
  • Pay for what you use, and minimise wasted resources
  • Ensure data integrity
  • Available anytime, anyplace provided you have Internet access
With over 30 years of Enterprise IT experience, we can provide leadership, innovation and experience to help transform your business, today.

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